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The complete middle school program that is setting the standard in 3D learning and 3D assessment

Customize a middle school program that meets your needs with 12 flexible modules that can be implemented using a discipline-specific or integrated model.

Learning Framework for Grades 6–8

Make connections between the sciences and engineering at every grade level
Life Science Earth and Space Science Physical Science
Ecosystems and Their Interactions

LS1-5, LS1-6, LS2-1, LS2-2, LS2-3, LS2-4, LS2-5, LS4-4, LS4-6, ESS3-3, ETS1-1, ETS1-2

Weather and Climate Systems

ESS2-4, ESS2-5, ESS2-6, ESS3-2, ESS3-4, ESS3-5, PS3-4, ETS1-1, ETS1-2

Energy, Forces, and Motion

PS2-1, PS2-2, PS2-3, PS2-5, PS3-1, PS3-2, PS3-5, ETS1-1, ETS1- 2, ETS1-3, ETS1-4

Structure and Function

LS1-1, LS1-2, LS1-3, LS1-6, LS1-7, LS1-8, LS4-2, LS4-3

Earth's Dynamic Systems

LS4-1, ESS1-4, ESS2-1, ESS2-2, ESS2-3, ESS3-1, ESS3-2, ETS1-1, ETS1-2, ETS1-3, ETS1-4

Matter and Its Interactions

PS1-1, PS1-2, PS1-3, PS1-4, PS1-5, PS1-6, PS3-4, ETS1-1, ETS1- 2, ETS1-3, ETS1-4

Genes and Molecular Machines

LS1-1, LS1-4, LS3-1, LS3-2, LS4-4, LS4-5, LS4-6

Space Systems Exploration ©2018

PS2-4, ESS1-1, ESS1-2, ESS1-3, ETS1-1, ETS1-2

Electricity, Waves, and Information Transfer ©2018

LS1-8, PS2-3, PS2-5, PS3-3, PS3-4, PS3-5, PS4-1, PS4-2, PS4-3, ETS1-1, ETS1-2, ETS1-3, ETS1-4

Research Modules
Why Are Honey Bees Disappearing?

LS3-2, LS1-4, LS1-5, ESS3-3, ETS1-1

What Evidence Suggests Similarities Among Organisms?

LS4-1, LS4-2, LS4-3, ESS1-4

How Can We Use Technology to Monitor Aquatic Ecosystems?

PS4-1, PS4-2, PS4-3, ESS3-4